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wac lighting retail applications

WAC Lighting is a popular provider of affordable track lighting, monopoint lighting and monorail lighting systems. Although WAC pendant and track head designs are original, their fixtures are available for use with all three of today's generic, commonly-available traditional track standards. Business owners and designers with an eye toward expansion in the future need not commit to a single proprietary standard when planning near-term lighting solutions.

wac lighting retail 5
||left--> series 775 track heads (brushed nickel) ||right--> series 765 track heads (brushed nickel)
Line-voltage track lighting remains the go-to solution for extremely light-intensive applications. Many WAC heads support bulbs rated up to 150 watts. Track systems outfitted with spotlight heads and halogen bulbs of this size make retail environments glow and richly-colored merchandise pop.

wac lighting retail 4
series 809 track heads (brushed nickel / black) / h-type track (black)
A classic retail track lighting installation. Black track offers an affordable yet contemporary look during the day while essentially disappearing into the painted black tile of the ceiling at night. Again, low voltage track heads with halogen lamps precisely illuminate dining surfaces creating a sense of intimacy while limiting glare on occupants and television screens.

series 007 track heads (black / 24" stems)
An important, if not often overlooked, aspect of track lighting is the ability to suspend it from the ceiling. The track system itself may be suspended from the ceiling using 'standoff' mounting hardware while the fixtures may be suspended below the track using stems of various lengths. Track Lighting Store includes standoff and stem length specification as part of the design process to ensure you system shines just where you need it.

wac lighting retail 6
monorail system (brushed platinum)
Low voltage monorail systems are an excellent choice for environments requiring precise light control. Properly implemented, systems such as this monorail system provide precise illumination on table surfaces while limiting direct glare to occupants as well as indirect glare off of highly sensitive surfaces such as television screens.

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