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Why Track Lighting?
Years ago, track lighting was synonymous with clunky, uninspired can fixtures. These fixtures were embraced solely for their practicality. Today, the term 'track lighting' has evolved into a catchall for a wide range of lighting systems including traditional track, monorail and even cable-suspended systems. Defined this way, track lighting is the most rapidly evolving style of lighting on the market today. Contemporary designer track lighting systems remain versatile while setting new standards in functionality, power consumption and style.

The Problem:
These amazing advancements in track lighting have come at a cost. New systems are introduced every year, each with novel features and a new collection of appealing pendants and striking spotlight heads. Unfortunately, each new system is typically accompanied by proprietary hardware and a unique configuration method.

The Brilliant Lighting Solution:
Brilliant Lighting has the largest collection of track, cable and monorail lighting fixtures and components available online. We've made this catalog available to our customers in two simple ways.

First, we've had our experienced designers pare down the hundreds of thousands of possible configuration options into a collection of our most popular kits. They have assembled dozens of complete low voltage monorail lighting kits, cable lighting kits and track lighting kits from our best-selling fixture styles.

Second, Brilliant Lighting has designed the most comprehensive track and cable lighting configuration system available anywhere. Our online step-by-step track, cable and monorail lighting configuration wizard is easy to use and manufacturer-neutral. When a custom application is required, the system will quickly walk designers and do it yourselfers alike through the appropriate configuration process for a chosen style, regardless of the lighting maker.

Simply select your favorite fixture (pendant or spotlight head), answer a few questions about your lighting needs and describe your intended installation area and we will automatically present a list of required hardware from our extensive selection for a complete kit. You may purchase your kit easily online as well.

The Goal:
Brilliant Lighting removes the technical complexities typically encountered when configuring track lighting systems so our customers may concentrate on the look and feel of their new lighting.

Our Suppliers:
Our vendors are selected for their consistent quality and unique product offerings. We stand behind every order and will work with each individual until a project meets your unique needs.


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