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Monopoint Lighting
Monopoint lighting systems are used to suspend and power individual pendants or spotlight heads. Similarly, multipoint lighting systems suspend and power small clusters of spotlight heads or pendants in close proximity.

Monopoint systems are compatible with essentially all track, monorail and cable lighting components making them excellent tools to ensure design continuity across a space.

- TIP: Easily make a monopoint from any fixture by clicking the 'Make it a Kit' button on any fixture detail page.

Monopoint Lighting Basics

Monopoint and multipoint lighting systems are, relatively speaking, straightforward to configure. Simply pick a fixture style and finish and then choose a canopy matching the finish that supports the number of fixtures you desire. The only decision to make is whether to use integrated transformer canopies or remote transformer canopies.

So what is a Canopy Anyway?
monopoint lighting diagram A monopoint or multipoint canopy is a finished component that attaches to the ceiling and a power source. Monopoint canopies will have a single powered female support jack while multipoint canopies will have several attachment points designed to accept the male counterpart from compatible low voltage fixtures. Every manufacturer today offers canopies to power their respective spotlight heads and pendants. The power source for the canopy will vary depending on whether integrated or remote transformer canopies are used.

Integrated Transformer Canopies
The vast majority of monopoint and multipoint canopies use integrated transformers. Simply put, these canopies have a step-down transformer built into their enclosure or, occasionally, mounted on top so that the small transformer may be tucked into an empty area of the junction box. Integrated transformer canopies are common for the following reasons:
  • integrated transformer canopies are designed to be used as direct 'drop in' replacements to existing fixtures mounted over any standard four inch junction box
  • they use existing wiring, so installation does not require access to the area above the ceiling
  • they may be dimmed using standard incandescent dimmers
  • they are not susceptible to voltage drop (which can be an issue when using remote transformer canopies)

Remote Transformer Canopies
Remote transformer canopies seperate the transformer from the canopy itself to allow multiple canopies (and thus fixtures) to be powered from a common transformer. The complexity and wiring requirements of remote transformer canopies makes them far more rare. These canopies do, however, have some advantages over the integrated transformer style. Specifically, remote transformer canopies:
  • are much smaller than integrated transformer canopies since they need not enclose a transformer. Some remote mount canopies are less than an inch across which results in very clean installations.
  • may have a lower overall cost when installing several monopoint fixtures
  • may use magnetic transformers which are preferred by many lighting designers

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