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Condo Lighting - Setting your Condo Apart with Unique Lighting (part 2)

(continued from Condo Lighting - Setting your Condo Apart with Unique Lighting)

Accent lighting is also concentrated, but less intense light for highlighting or accenting objects or walls that you want to stand out. Accent lighting is often inexpensive and can be used strategically to make rooms seem larger, define spaces within larger spaces and otherwise draw the eye to the more attractive features of each room.

You can use all three of these lighting types in numerous combinations in multiple areas to remake your condo lighting. They can turn your lights from a function to a feature. If you are selling, your lighting is one of a very few personalizing touches that will stay in the condo for the new owner. The buyer knows that this great lighting will be part of the deal and it will set your condo apart from the dozen he has likely just seen.

Common Condo Lighting Situations
Consider a few lighting scenario opportunities common in condominiums and town homes.

Breaking up large, open areas: Large open areas in condominiums, which are often the first areas seen upon entering, commonly lack focus and can leave a potential buyer with a subtle uneasiness about where his or her stuff would go in the new home. Except perhaps for an obvious location for a television or entertainment center, creative furniture layouts making effective use of the space are often not immediately apparent. Break this large space into warm, inviting smaller areas by light shaping. For example, in a corner area, you can create an island of light around an area for a small couch or a couple of chairs. An attractive pendant light hung directly over this area will clearly define the space as a separate area while drawing the eye across the entire expanse. Voila, you’ve just created a separate room that a potential buyer may not have seen.

If ceilings are vaulted (slanted) or very high, suspended monorail lighting or track lighting or recessed fixtures are a good choice. Either type of fixture is available with low voltage lamps which have precise beams to create focused pools of light over an area to divide it from the larger room. This well-lit area could be a place to read, knit, or just relax. With a little thought, lighting may be used to draw attention to other potential uses of a large room other than as a television viewing room.

Turn your bedroom into a warmer, cozier, room by space shaping. Dimmable recessed lights over the bed area can separate the bed into its own space while being a functional alternative when reading. A pendant light over that chair by the window sill creates a separate area for reading or just relaxing. This same room will actually feel larger by creating separate spaces.

Expand short hallways: To make short hallways look longer, add a single accent light against the wall at the end of the hallway. If the hallway is particularly dark, use recessed lights with tightly focused beam spreads to create small pools of light on the floor. This will make the hallway look longer than it actually is.

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